Santiago, Chile
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Perched at the foot of the Andes, Santiago strives to be a modern city. Its skyscrapers and telecommunications networks attest to this, but to get to know it fully you have to explore the beautiful and recently restored colonial neighbourhoods.

District Guide

Today, Santiago is a city that occupies the fertile central valley of Chile between the Andes and the coast, with the Mapocho River crossing the city from east to west. The most remarkable thing about Santiago, with its 5 million inhabitants, is perhaps its diversit...

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Historical Background

Chile was not discovered all at once by any one person. Rather, it was discovered over the course of many years by Spanish explorers, one piece at a time. Magellan discovered the south of Chile in 1529, Francisco de Hoces discovered Cape Horn and Diego de Almagro discovered the north and center...

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Where To Stay

The range and variety of hotels in Santiago has grown considerably in the last few years, but the main hotel sector continues to be the city center. There are many hotels worth checking out in the area of Avenida del Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins, or the Alameda.

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Dining and Drinking

The people of Santiago are very demanding when it comes to eating out. Over the last few years there has been an obvious increase in the city's international restaurants, as well as a return to traditional Chilean food, with European and American influence...

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The words "boring" or "dull" have no place in the subject of Santiago's nightlife. Even during the day, Santiago is no less interesting, with its many cultural contrasts that will no doubt give the visitor many things to think about.

During the summer, the whole of Santiago becomes a huge theatre,...

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Recommended Tours

Santiago, like other big cities, is a busy and somewhat stressful place, with people running around from one place to another, and no time to stop to observe the beautiful and interesting places that surround them. Of such places, right in the center of Santiago, is the walk which starts at the...

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Santiago ) is Chile's capital and largest city. It is situated at an elevation of 520 m (1700 ft) in the country's central valley, and administratively is a part of the Santiago Metropolitan Region. Even though Santiago is the capital, legislative bodies meet in nearby Valparaíso.

Approximately two decades of uninterrupted economic growth have transformed Santiago into one of Latin America's most sophisticated metropolitan areas, with extensive suburban development, dozens of shopping malls, and impressive high-rise architecture. The city also boasts some of Latin America's most spectacular infrastructure, such as the Santiago Metro and the sparkling new "Costanera Norte," a freeway system that passes below downtown and connects the Eastern and Western extremes of the city in 15 minutes. Santiago is headquarters to many important companies and is a regionally important financial center.

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