São Paulo, Brazil
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People say that São Paulo only works. It's true... but it also has lots of fun, with its marvellous food, its great entertainment, its awesome cultural events, its exciting nightlife, its fashion...Welcome to the South American megalopolis!

District Guide

Situated 760 metres above sea level, the city of São Paulo, in the state of the same name, occupies an area of approximately 1500 square kilometres, of which almost two-thirds is urbanised and the rest rural. These two areas together are known as Grande São Paulo (Greater São Paulo) and, with...

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Historical Background

At the beginning of the 16th century, Brazil had only just been discovered by the Portuguese, and the area atop the Serra do Mar mountain range in the south-east of the country, now occupied by São Paulo, was inhabited exclusively by the indigenous Guaianá...

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Where To Stay

São Paulo is a true megalopolis. It pulsates with the velocity of all the energetic people who have made it such a big, highly-developed centre, deserving of its place among the world's greatest cities. There are many good reasons to come to São Paulo, from business and study, to entertainment,...

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Dining and Drinking

Like all the world's major cities, São Paulo is blessed with a huge variety of bars, restaurants and cafes, ranging from the most refined, elegant rendezvous to humble yet hearty neighbourhood eateries. Dining in São Paulo, of course, does have some unique feature...

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Visitors to São Paulo will always find a good choice available when it comes to entertainment, whatever time of year it is, be it summer or winter. A melting pot of people who have come from all over Brazil, the city has a character that reflects a bit of each region: the South, Northeast,...

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Recommended Tours

One of the best ways to tour São Paulo is by using the underground subway system. This way you can avoid the chaotic traffic, and get around on what is considered a very safe means of public transport. The subway also links up all the main tourist spots of the cit...

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São Paulo is the capital of the state of São Paulo in southeastern Brazil. It is located at 23°32′36″S, 46°37′59″W, 400 km (250 miles) from Rio de Janeiro, and 1,030 km (640 miles) from federal capital Brasília.

The city has an area of 1,523.0 square kilometres (588.0 sq. miles) and a population of just over 11 million (2006 IBGE estimate), which makes it the largest and most populous city in the Southern Hemisphere and a global city.

Nineteen million people live in the greater São Paulo metropolitan area as defined by the government (Região Metropolitana) — making it one of the five most populous in the world. However, when the many adjacent metropolitan areas, such as Baixada Santista, São José dos Campos, Campinas, Sorocaba, etc. are included, such as in the Extended Metropolitan Area (Complexo Metropolitano Estendido) São Paulo, there are nearly 29 million inhabitants, more than any other city in the world except Tokyo, Japan with 35 million. (source: IBGE). The region forms an even larger urban corridor or megalopolis with Rio de Janeiro and Volta Redonda.

The state of São Paulo is also highly populated, however most metropolitan areas hug São Paulo with the exception of Ribeirão Preto. The entire state has a population of over 40 million.

People from the city of São Paulo are called paulistanos, while paulista designates anyone from the whole of São Paulo state, including the paulistanos. The city's motto is Non ducor, duco, which is Latin for "I am not led, I lead". A famous nickname for the city is "Sampa".

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