Chicago, Illinois
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The old Chicago of belching smokestacks and brawling politicians has given way to world-class museums, architecture, restaurants, hotels and theaters, but it still has the character that earned it the title as the most American of American cities.

District Guide

Chicago is "The City that Works." "The City of Big Shoulders." It boasts North America's tallest building and one of the world's largest office buildings. With the ubiquitous elevated trains creating a continuous clatter, the city looks big. Feels big. Is big.

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Historical Background

The first non-native to settle in the area now known as Chicago was Jean Baptiste Pointe du Sable, a fugitive slave from San Domingo. By 1779, a small settlement had sprung up around his camp, and du Sable's stake was eventually purchased by another trader, who was bought out by Jonathan Kinzie...

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Where To Stay

Chicago may have more neighborhoods than any other city in North America. While many of them have begun to look similar, each maintains distinctive features and color. Whether looking for the exotic or a bit of the city made famous by novelist Nelson Algren, you can find it in Chicago.

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Dining and Drinking

Chicago is a marvelous mix of awe-inspiring architecture and stunning lake views, blues houses and jazz clubs, celebrity (Michael Jordan) and infamy (Al Capone). It is home to the Sears Tower, architectural gems by the likes of Frank Lloyd Wright, and "da Bear...

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For a more hands-on arts experience, you will not want to miss the summer's 57th Street Art Fair in Hyde Park on the South Side. It is a delightful way to view and purchase original works by local artists. In Wicker Park, the Around the Coyote Festival is another popular annual arts even...

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Recommended Tours

The museum features an eclectic array of temporary exhibits. Past shows included "The Art of the Motorcycle," a Cartier jewelry display and even a retrospective on the Chicago Bears football team.

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ZipTipz facts about Chicago, Illinois
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Chicago is located in COOK county, in the state of Illinois. It includes the following ZIP codes within its boundaries: 60693, 60694, 60695, 60699, 60601, 60602, 60603, 60604, 60605, 60606, 60607, 60608, 60609, 60677, 60691, 60610, 60611, 60612, 60613, 60614, 60615, 60616, 60617, 60618, 60619, 60620, 60621, 60622, 60623, 60624, 60625, 60626, 60628, 60629, 60630, 60631, 60632, 60633, 60634, 60636, 60637, 60638, 60639, 60640, 60641, 60643, 60644, 60645, 60696, 60646, 60647, 60649, 60651, 60652, 60653, 60654, 60655, 60697, 60656, 60657, 60659, 60660, 60661, 60663, 60664, 60666, 60668, 60669, 60670, 60673, 60674, 60675, 60678, 60679, 60680, 60681, 60682, 60684, 60685, 60686, 60687, 60688, 60689, 60690, and 60701.

According to the United States Census 2000 data, Chicago has a population of 2,878,552. There are 1,146,994 households in the city with an average of 2.51 persons per household.

Some additional information about Chicago, based on United States Census 2000 data:

  • Time zone: GMT-6 (observes Daylight Savings Time)
  • Latitude/Longitude: 41.8792 / -87.61497
  • Elevation: 596 feet
  • County area: 946 square miles
  • Average house value: $164,611
  • Income per household: $39,639

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Chicago is the name of a city in Illinois and the metropolitan area that contains it. The City is the largest in the Midwest and the third-most populous city in the United States, with approximately 2.9 million people. The Chicago Metropolitan area, sometimes informally called Chicagoland, has a population of 9.4 million in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana making it the third largest in the United States. Chicago is located along the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan and is a center of transportation, industry, politics, culture, finance, medicine and higher education. Chicago is informally called the "Second City," the "Windy City," the "City of Big Shoulders" (from Carl Sandburg's poem Chicago), and "Chi-town."

Today, Chicago is the financial, cultural, transportation, and business capital of the Midwest. Chicago was founded 1833 as a town to link the Great Lakes with the Mississippi River system. It soon became a transportation hub of the Old Northwest, with major connections by steamboats, canals and (by 1855), railroads. By 1890 it was one of the ten most influential world cities.

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