Atlanta, Georgia
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The capital of the New South, birthplace of the Civil Rights movement, Coca-Cola and CNN. Set in the rolling foothills of North Georgia, Atlanta's dramatic skyline and tree-lined neighborhoods are a far cry from the days of Scarlett and Rhett.

District Guide

The ever-changing skyline is dominated by skyscraper hotels and offices, perhaps none more impressive than the Peachtree Center, which serves the business community in both capacities. Most major chain hotels are represented here, as well as many of Atlanta's most prestigious business addresses,...

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Historical Background

In 1782, military scouts moving west through Georgia discovered a small Cherokee village on the banks of the Chattahoochee River named, as the explorers understood it, Standing Peachtree. Historians, however, speculate that since it was unlikely that the natives had named their village after a...

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Where To Stay

With its penchant for convention-hosting and a growing tourist trade, Atlanta stocks more than its share of lodging opportunities. Accommodations range from world class high-rise hotels to cozy bed and breakfasts to an abundance of standard chains. Because Atlanta has become such a Mecca for...

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Dining and Drinking

The city's best Russian is found at Nikolai's Roof on the 30th floor of the Atlanta Hilton and Towers. You'll find the Westin well-stocked, too, from the Savannah Fish Company at street level to the elegant, rotating Sun Dial offering unparalleled views from the roo...

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Visitors to Atlanta expecting a sleepy Confederate capital with Old South charm may be in for a surprise. While Atlanta has held onto the charm and character of her past, she has also grown into her new role as a modern, cosmopolitan city.

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Recommended Tours

Facing these two imposing structures is yet another, the CNN Center, headquarters to Ted Turner's media empire. Enjoy a 45-minute behind-the-scenes tour, which can be booked from the website.

From CNN, walk along Marietta Street east to Peachtree, go south a few blocks to Capitol Avenue, then...

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Atlanta is located in FULTON and DEKALB counties, in the state of Georgia. It includes the following ZIP codes within its boundaries: 30325, 30359, 30369, 30370, 30371, 30320, 30321, 30301, 30302, 30303, 30304, 30305, 30306, 30307, 30308, 30309, 30310, 30322, 30311, 30312, 30313, 30314, 30315, 30316, 30317, 30374, 30318, 30319, 30324, 30326, 30327, 30328, 30375, 30376, 30329, 30330, 30331, 30332, 30333, 30334, 30336, 30343, 30337, 30338, 30339, 30340, 30347, 30348, 30341, 30342, 30344, 30345, 30346, 30358, 30349, 30350, 30353, 30354, 30355, 30356, 30357, 30360, 30361, 30362, 30363, 30364, 30366, 30368, 30377, 30378, 30379, 30380, 30384, 30385, 30386, 30387, 30388, 30389, 30390, 30392, 30394, 30396, 30398, 30399, 31107, 31119, 31106, 31120, 31126, 31131, 31136, 31139, 31141, 31145, 31146, 31150, 31156, 31191, 31192, 31193, 31195, 31196, 31197, 31198, 31199, and 39901.

According to the United States Census 2000 data, Atlanta has a population of 867,511. There are 382,157 households in the city with an average of 2.27 persons per household.

Some additional information about Atlanta, based on United States Census 2000 data:

  • Time zone: GMT-5 (observes Daylight Savings Time)
  • Latitude/Longitude: 33.79235 / -84.44794
  • Elevation: 1,050 feet
  • County area: 797 square miles
  • Average house value: $194,788
  • Income per household: $45,803

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Atlanta is the capital and the most populous city of the State of Georgia, and the central city of the ninth most populous metropolitan area in the United States. It is the county seat of Fulton County, although a portion of the city extends into DeKalb County. According to the July 2005 census estimate, the city has a population of 470,688 and a metropolitan population of 4,917,717. As of July 1, 2005, Atlanta's combined statistical area (CSA) is estimated to have a population of 5,249,121.

A major city in its own right, Atlanta is considered a poster child for cities worldwide experiencing rapid urban sprawl, economic development and growth. In the last decade, the Atlanta metropolitan area added over 1,150,000 residents – the fourth-largest gain in absolute numbers of any metropolitan area in the United States. Atlanta is recognized as one of the driving forces of the "New South," and has in recent years, along with Houston, Miami and Dallas, undergone a transition from a city of regional commerce to a city of international influence.

During the Civil Rights Movement, Atlanta stood apart from Southern cities that supported segregation, and became known as the "City Too Busy to Hate." The city's progressive civil rights record made it increasingly popular as a relocation destination for African Americans, and the city's population became majority-black by 1972. African Americans soon became the dominant political force in the city; since 1974, all of the mayors of Atlanta have been African-American, as well as the majority of the city's fire chiefs, police chiefs, and other high-profile government officials. White flight occurred in the city in the 1970s and 1980s; the city's population dropped by more than 100,000 from 1970 to 1990. That trend has reversed itself, however, and with accelerating gentrification, the black majority has dropped from 69 percent in 1980 to 54 percent in 2005.

Common nicknames for the city include A Town, The A-T-L (derived from its IATA airport code), The Big Peach, and Hotlanta.

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