Toronto, Canada
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Multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-national, multi-fun: once the "Meeting Place" for Amerindians, now Canada's largest metropolis, the country's business and cultural engine, and a great place to visit--welcome to Toronto!

District Guide

The spectacular ride up the CN Tower, the world's highest free-standing structure, with its rotating restaurant giving diners a breath-taking view of the city, day or night.

The ferry trip from the Harbourfront across the waters of Lake Ontario to the serene and peaceful Toronto Islands, created...

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Historical Background

British and French fur traders and explorers arriving in the late 16th century changed the power balance in the region. At first, Toronto was interesting for them only as the end of the canoe route from Quebec City. Etienne Brulé, the first European known to visit the canoe "carrying place" the...

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Where To Stay

Be you business traveller or world-wandering vagabond, when visiting Toronto, there are two major options on where to stay—and more than 32,000 hotel rooms from which to choose! If you are here for a brief visit, then the airport strip is home to many excellent hotel...

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Dining and Drinking

Toronto has everything from the Kama Classical Indian Cuisine's fiery hot vindaloo and mouth-watering sawara butteryaki at the Rikishi Japanese Restaurant to the upscale French of Arlequin with its duck confit, the power lunches at Acqua, a current hot spot for the downtown business and...

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The grassroots of theatre are just as fresh and strong in Toronto. Community-centred theatres such as Tarragon and the Factory master challenges like Beckett, as well as drama from new and upcoming playwrights. Modern dance has found a home in the Premiere Dance Theatre, a multicultural venue for...

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Recommended Tours

There are endless possibilities for walking tours in Toronto and, with so many neighbourhoods marked by their own history and presence, it's hard to know where to start. However, two definite must-see areas are the entertainment and financial districts, and the Old Town of York.

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The City of Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the provincial capital of Ontario, located on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario. With 2.48 million residents, it is the fifth-most populous municipality in North America after Mexico City, New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago. Toronto is at the heart of the Greater Toronto Area, and is part of a densely-populated region in south-central Ontario known as the Golden Horseshoe. Residents of Toronto are called Torontonians.

As Canada's economic hub and a major global city, Toronto has highly developed finance, telecommunications, transportation, media, software production and medical research industries. The city is home to the CN Tower and a majority of the country's corporate head offices. Toronto's population is cosmopolitan, which reflects its role as a major destination for immigrants to Canada. Because of its low crime rates, clean environment and generally high standard of living, Toronto is consistently rated one of the world's most livable cities by the Economist Intelligence Unit and the Mercer Quality of Living Survey.

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