Kuwait City, Kuwait
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Kuwait City, the capital of the Emirate of Kuwait, has seen the excesses of both wealth and war in recent years. Despite its chequered history, however, it is one of the most vibrant, attractive cities in an otherwise conservative Middle Eastern region.

District Guide

Crowning the Persian Gulf, the Emirate of Kuwait has a rich history of trials and triumphs. Kuwait City, also known as Al-Kuwait, has the proud distinction of being the capital of this oil-rich state. Home to government offices, towering buildings and sprawling parks, it is located just 16...

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Historical Background

The first few things that come to mind when one thinks of Kuwait—or, for that matter, of any country located in the Middle East—are petroleum, deserts and war. This tiny state in the Persian Gulf has a history, however, that moves far beyond these clichéd associations; few know that civilizations...

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Where To Stay

Kuwait City— the capital of the world's largest exporter of oil— sees a busy swarm of visitors through the year. The city has undergone many radical changes in the years following the Gulf War and its devastating effects. The post-war makeover involved a lengthy and painstaking restoration...

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Dining and Drinking

Although the Gulf War of the ‘90s destroyed pretty much everything in the capital city of Kuwait, it has risen once more from the ashes to become one of the most attractive Middle Eastern destinations. A visit can cause one to forget the tragic past; there are skyscrapers reaching for the skies,...

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Whether it's business or leisure that brings you to the capital city of Kuwait, an assorted range of entertainment options are sure to keep you busy during your stay. While it is true that there are no nightclubs or bars, and that the sale or consumption of liquor is prohibited by law, don't let...

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Recommended Tours

The city of Kuwait possesses a mysterious charm that comes from its unique blend of centuries old traditions and modern-day culture. On one side you have quaint old monuments and ancient houses, and on the other, a booming business of restaurants, hotels and other entertainment venue...

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Kuwait City (also Al-Kuwait - الكويت), population 32,403 (2005 Census), is the capital of the emirate of Kuwait and part of the Al-Asimah governorate. Locally known as "The City" (Al-Diera - ألديره), it contains the Majlis Al-Umma (Kuwait's parliament), most Governmental offices, the headquarters of most Kuwaiti corporations and banks, the Liberation Tower and the Kuwait Towers. Kuwait City is located at 29°22'11" North, 47°58'42" East (29.369722, 47.978333).

Kuwait City's trade and transportation needs are served by Kuwait International Airport, Mina Al-Shuwaik (Shuwaik Port) and 50 kilometers to the south by the port of Mina al-Ahmadi (Ahmadi Port) on the Persian Gulf coast.

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