Cairo, Egypt
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Home to the Pyramids, the Egyptian Museum and over 16 million people, Cairo is teeming with history and culture. The past blends with the present, creating a unique and exciting atmosphere. Magical, mystical and maddening but never mediocre.

District Guide

Cairo contains worlds within worlds, full of charm and contradictions. It is a maddening city with its incessant crowds, noise and pollution. Yet, it beckons you to linger and explore the various districts - each a different piece of the puzzle, evoking a fragment of Cairo's rich 7000 year old...

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Historical Background

With its plethora of monuments, palaces, mosques and churches, Cairo is truly a city where the past is always present. Despite the proximity of the Pyramids, Cairo is, in fact, not a Pharaonic city. The earliest known settlement is Babylon Fort, established by the Roman...

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Where To Stay

As a major tourist destination, Cairo has hotels to suit all budgets and most tastes. For the discerning business and leisure traveller, there are the usual Hiltons (the Ramses and the Nile), as well as the Conrad International, the Semiramis, the Helnan Shepheard, the El-Gezirah Sheraton and Le...

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Dining and Drinking

The drinking and dining venues in Cairo are as diverse as its population. You can eat fuul and taameya sandwiches for 50 piastres each, a bowl of koshary (all good vegan food) for about LE1.50 or have an international three-course meal in a five star hotel for LE350 and upwards—the choice is...

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The wide range of entertainment in Cairo - apart from the historic monuments - offers something for everyone. The city offers a surprising diversity of art and culture ranging from Western to more traditional forms. On any given day, you can go to see a new foreign film, visit a contemporary art...

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Recommended Tours

The Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx are a powerful testament to the ingenuity of the ancient Egyptians. The best time to visit the area is early in the morning. As the day wears on, the crowds increase, especially during Egyptian holidays, as does the chance of being assaulted by dozens of...

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Cairo (Arabic: القاهرة‎ ​ translit: al-Q?hirah) comes from the Arabic word "قاهرة" meaning "Triumphant". It is the capital city of Egypt (previously the United Arab Republic). It has a metropolitan area population of approximately 15.2 million people. Cairo is the seventeenth most populous metropolitan area in the world (the 10th according to 2004 statistics). Cairo is also the most populous metropolitan area and the most populous city in Africa. The city is located at 30°2' North, 31°13' East (30.03333, 31.21667).

While al-Q?hirah is the official name of the city, in local speech it is typically called simply by the name of the country, Mi?r (Arabic, مصر) pronounced Ma?r in the local dialect.

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