Warsaw, Poland
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Poland's royal capital has stood on the Vistula River since 1596. A combination of stern Communist-era buildings & fanciful neo-classical palaces, Warsaw has restored & retained its architectural character even though 80% of it was destroyed in WWII.

District Guide

There are many cities - such as Paris, Budapest and New York - where individual districts are known for specific traits, and these play a major role in defining the city's character. Warsaw was once the same (and it may well be again) but at the moment the city's districts are in the process of...

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Historical Background

Warsaw lies at the crossroads of Europe. The city sits, peering over the Wisla, halfway between Paris and Moscow.

At the moment this central location is helping to build the capital up again - Warsaw is developing at breakneck speed. Skyscrapers seem to appear virtually overnight and the signs of...

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Where To Stay

Until recently, Warsaw was not the easiest place to find accommodation. The problem was that there were only a handful of high-end hotels and some official hostels but very little in between. There were also no truly world-class hotels, nor were there any charming smaller choices with character...

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Dining and Drinking

Warsaw has a very dynamic and fast-paced restaurant scene. New places seem to open weekly and the choice is considerable. Some of its restaurants have become well known abroad as well.

However, there was a time when a typical Warsaw waiter would tell you that none of the items on the menu were...

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Warsaw has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment choices. There is something for everyone.

Those seeking opera and classical music will not want to miss the Teatr Wielki, the national opera. It is massive and beautiful and the standards of performance are very hig...

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Recommended Tours

Warsaw is a pleasant city to explore. The fabulous Old Town is instantly rewarding and two of the city's parks are absolute must-see destinations. Most of the main sights can be covered in two or three days.

The city is split in two by the Wisla (also known as the Vistula...

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Warsaw , in full The Capital City of Warsaw, Polish: Miasto Stołeczne Warszawa) is the capital of Poland and its largest city. It is located on the Vistula river roughly 370 km from both the Baltic Sea coast and the Carpathian Mountains. Its population as of 2005 was estimated at 1,697,596, with a metropolitan area of approximately 2,879,000. The city area amounts to 516.9 km², with an agglomeration of 6100.43 km² (Warsaw Metro Area - Obszar Metropolitalny Warszawy).

The city, also the capital of the Masovian Voivodeship, is home to many industries, including manufacturing, steel, electrical engineering, and automotive; it features 66 institutions of higher learning, including Warsaw University, Stefan Wyszyński University, Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw School of Economics, and a Medical Academy. Warsaw is home to over 30 theatres, including the National Theatre and Opera and the National Philharmonic Orchestra.

Warsaw is internationally notable for giving its name to the Warsaw Pact, Warsaw Convention and the Treaty of Warsaw.

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