Rome, Italy
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Capital of Faith and Culture, Rome is the birthplace of western civilization, where past and present join together in perfect harmony. The “Eternal City” provides the most spectacular backdrop for history and passion in the entire world.

District Guide

It's hard to describe Rome in a few words; a city so vast and rich in art, monuments and exquisite views, a historic city, which has preserved its charm and independence throughout the centuries.

Rome's history can be read in every monument, and palazzo; in fact, each and every stone bears witness...

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Historical Background

The glorious Roman civilization had its origins in small groups of farmers and shepherds who settled along the banks of the Tiber, on the Palatine hills and the surrounding areas.

The most famous myth regarding Rome's origins recounts the Trojans' escape from their ruined city of Tro...

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Where To Stay

The ‘Eternal City' holds a fascination for young people, tourists, businessmen, pilgrims and anyone in search of history, art, culture, business and entertainment. This means that Rome's tourist season remains uninterrupted all year round and despite the ample choice of hotels, it is not always...

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Dining and Drinking

There is a wide, varied selection as far as gastronomy is concerned in Rome; choices range from exclusive high-level cuisine, developed by some of the most famous chefs on the international scene to traditional, hearty Romanesca fare in all its manifold variations, from Jewish cuisine to...

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Rome's beauty is accessible both day and night and the same is to be said for its vast range of entertainment - theatre, cinema, opera, discos; the list is (almost) endless.

The theatrical season lasts from October to May and it can often continue through the summer month...

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Recommended Tours

Fancy a tour that is a little out of the ordinary? Forget palazzi, museums and hills, and think…fountains!! By visiting the famous fountains in the city, you will learn some history, become an art critic and appreciate the beauty of some of the loveliest piazzas in the 'Città Etern...

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Rome (Italian and Latin: Roma) is the capital city of Italy and of the Lazio region, as well as the country's largest and most populous comune, with about 2.5 million residents (3.8 million considering the whole urbanised area, as represented by the Province of Rome). It is located in the central-western portion of the Italian peninsula, where the river Aniene joins the Tiber. As one of the largest cities in the European Union, the Comune di Roma has a gross domestic product of €97 billion in the year 2005, equal to 6.7% of Italy's GDP — the highest proportion of GDP produced by any single Italian comune. The current Mayor of Rome is Walter Veltroni.

According to legend, the city of Rome was founded by the twins Romulus and Remus on April 21, 753 BC. Archeological evidence supports claims that Rome was inhabited since the 8th century BC and earlier. The city was the cradle of Roman civilization that produced the largest and longest-lasting empire of classical antiquity that reached its greatest extent in 117. The city was pivotal and responsible for the spread of Greco-Roman culture that endures to this day. Rome is also identified with Christianity and the Catholic Church and has been the episcopal seat of the Popes since the 1st century. The State of the Vatican City, the sovereign territory of the Holy See and smallest nation in the world, is an enclave of Rome.

Rome, Caput mundi ("capital of the world"), Limen Apostolorum ("threshold of the Apostles"), la città dei sette colli ("the city of the seven hills") or simply l'Urbe ("the City"), is thoroughly modern and cosmopolitan. As one of the few major European cities that escaped World War II relatively unscathed, central Rome remains essentially Renaissance in character. The Historic Centre of Rome is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site by virtue of its three thousand years of accumulated history and art: a city of the divine and the sublime, of gods, kings, emperors and popes — Città Eterna — the "Eternal City".

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