München, Germany
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Welcome to the Bavarian Wonderland - countless beercellars, Gothic and stucco architecture. The famous traditional costume and of course the Bavarian Gemütlichkeit adds to the city's charm.

District Guide

Germany's most popular tourist destination, Munich is also – according to opinion polls – the city that native Germans would most like to live in. Its popularity is easy to understand. Located within eyeshot of the snowcapped Alps, Munich is sophisticated, wealthy and elegant, a city of broad...

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Historical Background

Munich is a young town! Its founding is attributed to the Guelph Duke, Henry of the Lions, who gained the title Duke of Bavaria in 1156. Now a town of approximately 1,4 million inhabitants, the site was at this time only a small settlement characterised by a Benedictine monaster...

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Where To Stay

Munich definitely has lodgings to suit every budget and every taste, but the fact that the city attracts over 6 million visitors a year and is a major trade and convention site, means that rooms are often booked months in advance. It?s not always possible to be spontaneous here, so think about...

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Dining and Drinking

No German city is better known for relishing the culture of eating and drinking than Munich. Spending hard-earned cash on culinary extravagances has become second nature to the locals. The city boasts several restaurants ranging from the good to the very good, however it should be noted that the...

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Munich is a place where great value is attached to representing traditional culture, and so classical music plays an important role. Bavaria's capital is the home to three important orchestras, lead by prominent conductors: The orchestra of the Bayerische Staatsoper (conductor: Zubin Mehta), the...

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Recommended Tours

The old part of Munich is extremely elegant and is well worth exploring. This tour takes you directly through its centre. It starts at the Karlplatz and ends at the Isartor, which is at the opposite side of the city. It should take you about an hour and a half, depending on what you are...

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Munich (German: München, pronounced listen) is the capital of the German Federal State of Bavaria (German: Freistaat Bayern).

Munich is Germany's third largest city and one of Europe's most prosperous and expensive. The city has a population of about 1.3 million (as of 2006) and the Munich metropolitan area is home to around 2.7 million people. The city is located on the River Isar north of the Bavarian Alps.

The city's motto was "Die Weltstadt mit Herz" (The world city with a heart) for a long time but has recently been replaced by "München mag dich" (Munich loves you). The figure on Munich's coat-of-arms is a monk referred to as the Münchner Kindl, the child of Munich. Black and gold - the colours of the Holy Roman Empire - have been the city's official colours since the time of Louis IV, Holy Roman Emperor.

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