Hamburg, Germany
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The media capital of Germany. The nightlife is fabulous and its red-light district is one of the oldest in the country. It is truly a youth magnet with its excellent live music scene and great bar and café life.

District Guide

A harbour city located in the far north of Germany, Hamburg has been known for centuries as the "gateway to the world". One of Hamburg's most famous sons, novelist Wolfgang Borchert, lovingly described the city as "more than a heap of stones, roofs, windows, beds, roads, bridges and street lamp...

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Historical Background

There is no firm evidence of settlement in Hamburg before the 4th century AD. Most city histories use 810 as their starting point, when Charlemagne built a fortress called the Hammaburg at the point where the River Elbe flows into Lake Alster. The Christian settlement survived numerous attacks by...

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Where To Stay

Visitors to Hamburg cannot complain about lack of accommodation. The city contains practically every kind of lodging, from exclusive hotels with every imaginable luxury to plain but functional rooms close to major transport links. Over 250 hotels and boarding houses offer a total of 30,000 beds,...

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Dining and Drinking

Hamburg, "the gateway to the world", boasts a plentiful variety of international cuisine which is available at almost any time of the day or night. Yet despite so much foreign influence, Hamburg still offers its own unique local cuisine which visitors should try when here.

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Although modern and unassuming on the outside, the interior of Hamburg's Staatsoper (State Opera House) is one of the most opulent in the country, and hosts performances by many of the world's greatest ballet and opera stars. The best place for classical music is undoubtedly the Musikhall...

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Recommended Tours

What other city can boast a beautiful 160-hectare lake in its centre? A favourite with locals and visitors alike, the Alster is surrounded by parks, promenades and cafés. It is the perfect place for an energetic jog or a lazy Sunday afternoon stroll. You can actually walk around the entire lake...

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Hamburg (German pronunciation: ; Low Saxon: Hamborg, ) is the second largest city in Germany and with Hamburg Harbour, its principal port, Hamburg is also the second largest port city in Europe, no. 9 in the world-ranking of ports and the largest city of the Union which is not a capital. A large part of the port is a fenced-in duty-free area.

The official name Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (German: Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg; Low Saxon: Free un Hansestadt Hamborg) refers to Hamburg's membership in the medieval Hanseatic League and the fact that Hamburg is a City State and one of the sixteen Federal States of Germany.

Hamburg is situated on the southern tip of Jutland Peninsula, geographically centred (a) between Continental Europe and Scandinavia and (b) between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. The city of Hamburg lies at the junction of the river Elbe with the rivers Alster and Bille and the city centre is beautifully set around two lakes, the Binnenalster ("Inner Alster") and the Aussenalster ("Outer Alster").

Hamburg is an international trade city and the commercial and cultural centre of Northern Germany.

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