Paris, France
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Lovers flock from all over the world for Paris' legendary romance. Wander the banks of the Seine, admire the paintings in the Louvre & enjoy what Paris is famous for: the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe & Notre Dame, not forgetting Chanel, Dior & YSL.

District Guide

Once just a village that settled on the "Ile de la Cité" (City Island) on the confluence of the Seine's two branches, Paris has vastly expanded over the centuries, taking the surrounding villages under its wing and making them its own. Nowadays the City of Light - a name Paris earned during the...

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Historical Background

Cities with so many intact historical sites are rare. Monuments, museums, squares and gardens, in all their beauty, remind us of the extent to which Paris is and always has been in demand. It has been a theater in which major events have been staged, an intellectual, political and economic...

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Where To Stay

Paris, a capital famous for its fashion, history and artistic culture has numerous hotels. There are splendid palaces that epitomise French-style elegance. In the fashionable districts, luxury hotels cater for the needs of the most demanding clients and are also ideal for the business travelle...

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Dining and Drinking

If there's one beautiful word that symbolises Paris, it is gastronomy. The French, always appreciative of the finer things in life, have a unique tradition of famous restaurants and great chefs. If you really love good food, you'll find true happiness her...

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With its incomparable historic sites and the rich art collections of the Louvre, Paris is often thought of as the most famous museum in the world. But Paris's culture is not just about the past; the City of Light also celebrates cinema and music, and the nightlife is as exciting as that of London...

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Recommended Tours

The best place to start is at the most famous landmark, the Eiffel Tower. Try to get there by 9a to beat the queues. You might feel energetic enough to climb the 360 steps to the 1st level but, of course, the most spectacular panorama up at 274m.

After viewing from on high, you can get a closer...

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Paris is the capital city of France and a French département (75). Situated on the banks of the river Seine in north-central France, it is also the capital of the Île-de-France région (also known as "Paris Region"), which encompasses Paris and its suburbs. Paris had an estimated mid-2004 population of 2,144,700. The Paris urban area, extending well beyond the city boundaries, has today an estimated population of 9.93 million. The Paris metropolitan area (including satellite towns) stood at 11.5 million in 1999 and is one of the most populated metropolitan areas in Europe.

The Paris region is France's most dynamic centre of economic activity. It produces more than a quarter of France's wealth, with a GDP of €478.7 billion (US$595.3 billion) in 2005. With La Défense, the largest purpose-built business district in Europe, the Paris urban area (unité urbaine) also hosts the head offices of almost half of the major French companies, as well as the offices of major international firms. Paris is a leading cultural, business and political centre and has an influence in fashion, gastronomy and the arts. It is regarded as one of the major global cities, with the headquarters of international organisations such as UNESCO, the OECD, the ICC, or the informal Paris Club.

The city, which is renowned for its defining neo-classical architecture, hosts many museums and galleries and has an active nightlife. The most recognisable symbol of Paris is the 324 metre (1,063 ft) Eiffel Tower on the banks of the Seine. Dubbed "the City of Light" (la Ville Lumière) since the 19th century, Paris is regarded by many as one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world.. It is also the most visited city in the world with more than 30 million foreign visitors per year.

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