Copenhagen, Denmark
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Welcome to Copenhagen, shining with modernity and cosmopolitan urban life through dark winters and brilliant summers. This is a combination of the simple life and la dolce vita, a container for history, culture and wonderful, buzzing variety.

District Guide

Shopping The pedestrian high street Strøget runs all the way through the old city centre. From the rumble of Rådhuspladsen (Town Hall Square) to the neat Kongens Nytorv, it gradually becomes more sophisticated (and expensive), with boutiques such as Gucci, Prada and Gianni Versace dominating the...

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Historical Background

"My dreams of Copenhagen - a song from a faithful lover”: thus the poet Poul Henningsen (PH) began the declaration of his love to the city of Copenhagen. The history of Copenhagen spans many years and reaches back to when Absalon lived in the twelfth centur...

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Where To Stay

Inner Copenhagen boasts approximately 80 different places you can stay, ranging from the simplest of hostels to apartments and five-star deluxe hotels of international standard. Several new hotels are available, for instance a Hilton airport hotel and a five-star Marriott by the harbour front.

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Dining and Drinking

Over the past years, Copenhagen has reinvented itself and made its name as a metropolis in Europe. It has undergone an amazing metamorphosis in a wide variety of fields: design, fashion, media, art, film, shopping, music, advertising, and, last but not least, food and drin...

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Throughout history Copenhageners have never really got to like the idea of living in a big city. Noise, traffic, tall buildings, busy businessmen and displays of great wealth are all generally frowned upon. Most people live outside the city in small independent suburbs nourishing a provincial...

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Recommended Tours

The city of Copenhagen is overflowing with things to see and do. The following suggestions will describe some of the highlights which might help you with planning your time here. Some of the tours will concentrate on the inner part of town within the Lakes and the oblong island of Christianshavn,...

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Location in Denmark

Copenhagen , or , with a as in spa; Danish København  IPA: ) is the capital of Denmark and the country's largest city (metropolitan population 1,211,542 (2006)). It is also the name of the adjacent county. Copenhagen is the seat of the national parliament, the government, and the monarchy.

The original designation for the city, from which the contemporary Danish name is derived, was Kjøbmandehavn, "merchants' harbor". The English name for the city is derived from its German name, Kopenhagen. The element hafnium is named after the city's Latin name, Hafnia.

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