Monterrey, Mexico
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A magnificent city amidst mountains; birthplace of men who, with great determination, created an important capital in unfavourable conditions. A combination of natural beauties and powerful industries and businesses, key factors in Mexico's economy.

District Guide

Considered a pole of industrial development, the city of Monterrey is unique for its combination of industry, tradition and natural landscapes. It is surrounded by imposing mountains, and offers a host of places to visit, from splendid natural parks spreading across the highest parts of the city...

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Historical Background

Monterrey has a rich historical background that testifies to the fortitude and determination of its rugged inhabitants. The people of Nuevo León, decidedly bent on obtaining fruits from labouring the hard and rough soil, managed to turn this region into one of the nation's most prosperou...

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Where To Stay

There are more than 80 hotels in the urban area of Monterrey. In the vicinity of the Centro Internacional de Negocios (Cintermex) hotels such as the Holiday Inn Parque Fundidora are sprouting. The category of Gran Turismo hotels such as the Santa Rosa Suites and Sheraton Ambassador provide...

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Dining and Drinking

Monterrey is a city of contrasts. Part cosmopolitan hub with a top rate infrastructure, and part human, infused with friendly townsfolk, proud of their traditions and customs. This paradigm is apparent in the bars and restaurants in Monterrey, where it is equally easy to find excellent local...

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Known as the Ciudad de las Montañas (Mountainous City), Monterrey is one of Mexico's three largest urban centres. For those who seek contact with nature and wildlife, the Bioparque Estrella, Cola de Caballo, a crystal clear waterfall which falls from 25 metres above, and the Parque la...

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Recommended Tours

This tour is perfect for those who enjoy nature and discovering small towns and their way of life. Its best to leave Monterrery on a Saturday or Sunday, taking the Avenida Garza Sada until it turns into the Carretera Federal No. 85, widely known as the Carretera Naciona...

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Monterrey IPA: ) is the capital city of the northeastern Mexican state of Nuevo León and a municipality of the same name. Also known as the "City of the Mountains" and "Sultana del Norte" (Sultan of the North), the city is a modern industrial and business center. It is the third most populated and the second most important metropolitan area in Mexico. The city is ranked in Latin America as the highest GDP per capita and as the most secure .

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