Guadalajara, Mexico
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Guadalajara, "The Pearl of the West", with more than 450 years of history, is the proud capital of Jalisco, home of tequila and mariachi. A city to enjoy tradition and folklore, with all the amenities a great metropolis can offer.

District Guide

Guadalajara is known as the Pearl of the West or the City of Roses. For many years, it was considered a stopover on the way to other places. Over the last few decades, however, it has become a popular tourist destination in its own right—modern and majestic—in western Mexic...

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Historical Background

Since the pre-Hispanic period, Guadalajara was considered a kind of outpost in the Mexican west. Gradually it has become a tourist destination recognised globally for it rich cultural heritage, traditions, exhibits as well as its congresses and convention...

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Where To Stay

Guadalajara is a beautiful tourist destination, bustling centre for international business and a gateway between southern and northern Mexico. Accommodating the flourishing tourist industry, the great number of events organised annually and great population of the city, there are around 300...

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Dining and Drinking

Inside, outdoor, elegant, casual, formal, wild or serene, throughout Guadalajara there are bars, restaurants and clubs for every kind of taste.

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With more than 450 years of history and as capital of the state of Jalisco—the fourth largest in population and one of the three most prosperous in the country—Guadalajara is called the Perla de Occidente (Pearl of the West). There is an infinite amount of entertainment options available and...

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Recommended Tours

Touring the Centro Histórico of Guadalajara is a unique experience, opening the senses to a world of beauty, tradition and artistic endeavours from colonial days. Plazas, gardens, buildings and streets speak of the 450-year old history of the city. The Plaza de Armas, located at the cross layout...

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Guadalajara (Spanish pronunciation ) is the capital city of the state of Jalisco, and the third most populated city in Mexico, located in the central region of the state of Jalisco in the western-Pacific area of Mexico, yet the population of the metropolitan area is 4.1 million inhabitants, making it the second most populated conurbation in the country. The city is situated at about 1600 meters altitude (5300 feet), favoring it with a mild, spring-like climate. Guadalajara is one of the principal centers of culture, economy, history, industry and religion in the country. Mexico is very much influenced by the culture and folklore of this city birthplace of the mariachi music and charreadas and Tequila. Guadalajara is known as "La Perla Tapatia" ("Pearl of the West") and Ciudad de las Rosas (City of the Roses) for its architecture and environment. The city is named after the Spanish city of Guadalajara, whose name originates from the Arabic Wad-al-hidjara, meaning "River Running Between Rocks".

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