Taipei, Taiwan
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Economic and political development have driven Taipei's internationalization, increasing the bustle in this ultra-dense city. Although rice paddies have given way to skyscrapers, Taipei still retains the warm hospitality of the Taiwanese people.

District Guide

Taipei, the political and financial center of Taiwan, is the island's most populous city. Taipei originated as a small trading port over two hundred years ago before becoming the administrative capital under the Qing Dynasty. During the last few decades there has been tremendous growth in the...

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Historical Background

Evidence of human life on Taiwan dates back five to ten thousand years ago. Not much is known about the origins of Taiwan's earliest inhabitants except that their language bears more similarity to Indonesian than any Chinese dialect. The island enjoyed relative anonymity until 1206 when Genghis...

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Where To Stay

Finding a pillow on which to rest your weary head is easy in Taipei. There are numerous hotels of every class spread throughout city--simply walk down any major road and you are bound to stumble across a hotel almost immediately. If you seek ultimate comfort and impeccable service, you can choose...

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Dining and Drinking

Ask Taiwanese people living abroad what they miss most about home, and nine times out of ten the answer is: "The food!" Once you have eaten your way through Taipei, chances are that you might find your stomach arguing against going home.

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Though Taipei often strikes the first time visitor as a city lacking things to do, this couldn't be further from the truth. If it is temples and Chinese history that gets you going, or just window shopping, without a doubt Taipei is a fascinating city and has plenty to offer everyone.

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Recommended Tours

On the weekends and holidays, a great place to start the morning is with some bargaining at the Jian Guo Jade and Flower Market held under the overpass at corner of Ren Ai and Jian Guo roads. The MRT (Ta An station) will put you nearby, one block west is Jian Guo Roa...

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Taipei City (Traditional Chinese: 臺北市 or 台北市; Simplified Chinese: 台北市; Hanyu Pinyin: Táiběi Shì; Tongyong Pinyin: Táiběi Shìh; Taiwanese: Tâi-pak-chhī) is the de facto capital city of the Republic of China on Taiwan. It is Republic of China's center of politics, commercial, mass media, education, and pop culture, and today also is widely considered to be one of the "Gamma world cities".

The City of Taipei, Taipei County surrounding it, and nearby Keelung City form Taipei metropolitan area but are administered under different local government bodies. Taipei City is a special municipality administered directly under the ROC central government, while Taipei County and Keelung City are administered as part of Taiwan Province. Therefore, although Taipei is used to refer the whole metropolitan area, Taipei City specifically means the city proper only.

According to the census data collected in July 2006, the total population in Taipei City (excluding Taipei County) is 2,625,757. The major industries in the city include electrical and electronic equipment, textiles, metals, ship-building, and motorcycles.

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