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Gritty Shenyang, one of China's largest cities, reigns as the sprawling capital of the Liaoning province. Located 100 miles inland from the Bohai Sea in China's northeast corner, it is known as an industrial behemoth rather than a tourist paradise.

District Guide

Shenyang, one of China's largest cities with a sprawling populace of almost 7 million, reigns as the capital of the Liaoning province. Located about 100 miles inland from the Bohai Sea in China's northeast corner, it is best known as an industrial behemot...

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Historical Background

Shenyang, the capital of the Liaoning province, dates back 7,200 years to the "new" Stone Age. The city endured numerous name changes throughout its "growing years" beginning with Houchen County in 206 BC, followed by Shenzou under the Liao (907-1125) and Jin (1115-1234) dynasties, and then...

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Where To Stay

For a city not noted for being tourist-perfect, Shenyang enjoys a surprisingly extensive list of lodging options. Guests can choose from glamorously epicurean five stars to what-do-you-mean-hot-water-costs-extra two stars. Most loom conveniently near or in downtown's main business distric...

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Dining and Drinking

In a city of seven million residents chances favor the diner in being able to locate at least eight or nine restaurants worthy of the tongue's attention. And while Shenyang will never be mistaken for being the dining diva of China, it does enjoy the luxury of variet...

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Shenyang's massive sprawl tends to dwarf its attractions into seeming minimal in number. Despite this, plenty of diversions do exist for wowing the brain with awe and sometimes even with laughter. All it takes to find them is patience, a good map, and an ability to communicate with your taxi...

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Recommended Tours

With close to 7 million citizens Shenyang can be aptly described as sprawling. Because of this, the city lacks a convenient central location glowing with an abundance of attractions. Visitors must travel blocks, sometimes miles, to gape at Shenyang's few, but impressive "Do Not Miss" site...

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Shenyang (Simplified Chinese: 沈阳 or 渖阳(rare); Traditional Chinese: 瀋陽; pinyin: Shěnyáng, Manchu: Mukden) is the capital city of Liaoning province in Northeast China. It is a sub-provincial city with a population of 7.2 million, 13000 km² (districts area 5.53 million, 7400 km²). Along with its nearby cities, Shenyang is an important industrial center in China. The city was also known as Shengjing 盛京 or Fengtian 奉天.

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