Luanda, Angola
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Luanda (formerly called Loanda) is the largest city and capital of Angola. Located on the Atlantic Ocean, it is both Angola's chief seaport and administrative centre. It has a population of approximately 4.5 million (UN 2004 estimates), and is the capital city of Luanda Province. Luanda is located at 8°50'18" South, 13°14'4" East (-8.83833, 13.23444).

Manufacturing includes processed foods, beverages, textiles, cement and other construction materials, plastic products, metalware, cigarettes, and shoes. Petroleum, found nearby, is refined in the city although this facility has been repeatedly damaged during the civil war. Luanda has an excellent natural harbour, and the chief exports are coffee, cotton, sugar, diamonds, iron, and salt.

Luanda is divided into two parts, the baixa (old city) and the cidade alta (new part). The baixa is situated next to the port and has narrow streets and old colonial buildings. The inhabitants of Luanda are primarily members of African ethnic groups, including the Ovimbundu, Kimbundu and Bakongo tribes. The official and the most spoken language is Portuguese, although many Bantu-related indigenous languages are spoken. There is a very small population of European origin.

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